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HD Vision Wraparounds Fit Over Your Prescription Glasses! If you wear glasses, you need HD Vision Wraparounds! You’ll be amazed at the enhanced clarity the high-definition lenses provide. HD Vision Wraparounds, as seen in the video and pictures, are lightweight, durable night and sun driving glasses that fit over your prescription glasses. You can conveniently put in on around your recommended glasses. It can also be worn without prescription glasses. Made with UV protection, great for those with sensitive eyes. HD Vision technology gives you clarity that you have never experienced. Great for men and women.


Invest in your safety behind the wheel with a set of these night driving glasses. The amount of fatal car accidents that occur at night is mostly high because of poor driving visibility. Even with 60{d63f33f1c8410e0867c903523fb412a4ae8808022e13bbacc4f60ed86e146025} less traffic on the road at night, accidents still happen due to glare, blinding high beams and just overall bad driving visibility from the opposing ultra violet rays from cars approaching.

What you see when not putting on our glasses at night against the opposing beaming ultra violet rays from cars and what you see when putting on our prestigious  glasses.

What you see when not putting on our glasses during the day’s sunlight beaming rays and what you see when putting on our prestigious  glasses

How perfect this is

The amount of inexperienced youth drivers within the hours of 9pm and midnight can be high especially on Friday nights and weekends. Most defensive drivers are able to avoid accidents during the day and night now because they have clearer visibility with the aid of this set of HD specialized glasses than they do in the past.

Be a part of the change, and make driving on the road at night and during sunny days far safer with your very own pair of night and day time driving glasses. You’ll be glad you did.

This specialized yellow lenses tint provides 100{d63f33f1c8410e0867c903523fb412a4ae8808022e13bbacc4f60ed86e146025} UV protection and blocks glare, blocks glue light, enhances contrast and clarity and passes the global traffic light standard for safer sharper vision at night.


  • I have brown eyes, although my vision is otherwise perfect, I have always suffered from the glare of car’s headlights, rays of sunlight during the sunny days and therefore found it difficult to drive at conveniently. HD Vision Wraparound has been the answer to all of my problems, making it so much more comfortable to drive in the day and dark.

Mr Akinola (From Abuja)

  • I always used to panic if I had to drive at night, especially in the rain. I still avoid night driving if I can, but I now keep a HD Vision Wraparound night vision aid in my glovebox and it makes me so much less anxious knowing that it is always there if I need it. It helps enormously during the day and night.

Mrs Orji (From Uyo)


1 Set (1 day-light & 1 nigh-time glasses) = N20,000 (15,000 Naira Promo price)

2 Sets (2 day-light & 2 nigh-time glasses) = N40,000 (25,000 Naira Promo price)

3 Sets and above = NEGOTIABLE



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